Sign up and make Cheap Calls to Uganda from your landline or mobile

Our new technology lets you make the cheapest international calls without needing a PIN.

Our rate for calling Uganda:

  • Calls to a landline:
  • Calls to a mobile:


Price Information:

Calls incur a 5p connection fee and are charged per minute.


  • Our high tech system allows you to register the phone number(s) you want to make cheap international calls from and makes PIN numbers a thing of the past!
  • Once you’ve signed up, you simply dial our access number, followed by the international number – it’s that easy.
  • Local Rate Access Number: 0161 328 7777
    Freephone Access Number: 0800 Access: 0800 021 9777 (Adds 1p/min to advertised rate and 4p/min when called from mobiles).

Advantages of an Account

  • No PINs
  • Add Speed Dials
  • Works from all landlines and mobiles
  • Top up securely with PayPal
  • Credit has no expiry date
  • No hidden charges
  • Local rate & free to call access numbers

Call Uganda for just 40p/min, from your mobile

It’s as easy as ABC:

  1. Text CHEAP to 68888 – this will cost £5 plus one standard network rate SMS.
  2. We’ll send you a text back with your unique PIN, loaded with £5.00 of international calling credit.
  3. Now dial our access number, 0161 328 2820, and enter your PIN.
  4. Now enter the phone number in Uganda that you wish to call.


  • From your mobile
    Text CHEAP to 68888
  • Calls to Uganda Landlines
  • Calls to Uganda Mobiles

Make cheap calls to Uganda – just 30p/min (plus your phone provider’s access charge)

  • It’s easy to make cheap calls to Uganda using our access number – all you do is dial 0913 154 2222, wait for a new dial tone, and then enter the international number. There’s no registration, prepayments, and no PINs.
  • BT charge their customers a hefty 120p/min to call Uganda! But with you’ll only pay 30p/min, simply by using our dial around Uganda access number!
  • Calls to 0913 154 2222 cost 30p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.


  • Call Uganda Landlines:
    0913 154 2222 – 30p/min
    (plus your phone provider’s access charge)
  • Call Uganda Mobiles:
    0913 304 2222 – 13p/min
    (plus your phone provider’s access charge)

Making an international call has never been easier or cheaper!

Have you got a friend or relative living abroad? Perhaps you have a globe-trotting sister or a retired parent living in warmer climes? Whatever your situation, Cheap Calls is here to make your life easier, and cheaper!

Call Uganda at the lowest price with ease!

Calls to Uganda are charged at 30p per minute with Cheap Calls – that’s cheaper than other international call services, and what’s more, you can call from anywhere in the UK and still benefit from the same low Cheap Call price! So whether you’re making a routine office call or you’re calling from the comfort of your own home, Cheap Calls are here at your service!

Who doesn’t love low-cost international calls? With Cheap Calls you can take advantage of our super-easy-to-use system night or day, no matter where you are in the UK! Here’s how…

The best bit is that when you sign up for an online calling account, your credit will never expire and we don’t charge any hidden daily, weekly or monthly fees. It’s just your prepaid account with your credit waiting to be used on the cheapest international call rates whenever you’re ready. It really is as simple as that!

To make a call to Uganda:

  • Simply dial 0913 154 2222 from your landline or mobile, followed by the local number in Uganda, starting 00 as normal.
  • If that wasn’t easy enough, you don’t have to worry about any extra bills through the post because you will be automatically charged 30p per minute (plus your phone provider’s access charge) through your normal phone bill.
  • No fuss, no hassle and no paperwork – it’s the Cheap Calls way!

If you want to make a low-cost international call to Uganda, paying by text message from your mobile phone you can do that too, simply by texting CHEAP to 68888.  Once you’ve done this, we’ll send you a PIN back by text with £5.00 worth of international calling credit, ready for you to call your friends, family and business colleagues in faraway lands. There’s no need for fancy SIM cards or credit checks with Cheap Calls either – all you need is your phone and a number you’d like to call in Uganda and you’ll be instantly granted access to our unbeatable international call rates!

Cheap Calls – Your Best Option for Calling Uganda

As experienced providers of low-cost international calls, we’re confident that our meticulously designed call system is the best around. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with a convenient, simple and hassle free service at an unbeatable low price. Because Cheap Calls works on a fuss-free basis, our system is 100% universal. This means that you can call anyone in any of the countries that we serve; so if you have friends or family members living in Australia, Russia, USA, Africa or Bermuda, for example, you can call them all with the same credit. Easy! The best bit is that your credit will never expire and we don’t charge any hidden daily, weekly or monthly fees. It’s just your prepaid account with your credit waiting to be used on the cheapest international call rates whenever you’re ready. It really is as simple as that!

Feel free to get in contact with a member of our team if you have any questions about our service or the countries will connect to; we are always happy to help.

The area codes in Uganda consist of two to five digits, with shorter prefixes reserved for large cities, whilst longer prefixes are assigned to smaller towns. This is similar to the UK where London uses 0207 and 0208, whereas Guildford, for example, is 01483.

Love saving? Love Cheap Calls!